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The language
Speaking Czech is not easy but the language is surprisingly logical, everything is spoken pretty much as it is written. Therefore once you've learned some basic pronunciation rules, you should have a pretty good idea of how a word sounds.

c = 'ts' as in cats, even at the begining
= 'ch' as in chin
ch = soft as in the Scottish word, loch
j = 'y' as in yellow
r = a rolled R sound similar to the Spanish
= a rol plus a soft Z sound
= 'sh' as in shoe
w = 'v'
= soft Z sound (zh, as in pleasure

hello (formal)- dobr den
hello (informal)- ahoj
goodbye- na shledanou
good evening- dobr veer
good night- dobrou noc
good evening- dobr veer
yes (formal)- ano
yes (informal)- jo
no- ne
excuse me- s dovolenm
sorry- promite
please/your welcome- prosm
How much is it?- Kolik stoj?
Can you help me?- Mete mi pomoci
I would like..- ja si dam...
beer- pivo
cheers!- Na zdrav!
I'll pay- zaplatm

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